About us

About the brand.

Welcome to HADERTHELABEL, a clothing line born out of frustration and discomfort.

“I started this brand after finding myself constantly shopping from the women section because of how plain and boring I found the men section to be, it's a very awkward situation that I eventually learned to get comfortable with.” - Ghady Hader. “Realizing how many people aren't comfortable doing so yet, I decided to start my own brand that is genderless, meaning you won’t find a “men” or “women” section on our website.”

At HADERTHELABEL, we are committed to breaking down the boundaries between gender and fashion. That's why we set out to create new patterns that would fit both men and women comfortably. We wanted to offer a solution for those who found themselves shopping outside of the traditional gendered sections as well, but still struggled to find clothes that fit their body comfortably.

Our mission is to provide a safe space for everyone to express themselves through fashion without being limited. We use premium quality material to ensure that our customers always receive the best quality products.

Launched in 2023, Made in Lebanon.

About the founder

Ghady Al Hader, born on April 27 2002, in Beirut, Lebanon.

I started social media in August 2012. With over a decade of social media experience, I have amassed a loyal and global following, with more than 30 million impressions across my platforms. I’m no stranger to the top of the charts, having previously claimed the #1 spot with my first song and my first podcast. I’m now on a mission to diversify the fashion scene with the launch of my first clothing brand.